What is a humble brag?

"I am well aware that I am the 'umblest person going," said Uriah Heep, modestly.   Charles Dickens, David Copperfield
The modern humblebrag has several niche forms. One is the casual reference to showbiz pals/contacts. 
"I’ve been seen with Lady Gaga and Benedict Cumberbatch. My puppy turns more heads" Caitlin Moran The Times, April 22, 2017

An even better move is to imply that you are not only on fist-bumping terms with the big shots - they're actually esteemed colleagues. Jake Owens neatly grabs some reflected glory from fellow country singer Blake Shelton. 

“Watching @blakeshelton perform on late night TV right now… He’s a damn fine singer and a great guy. Congrats on the success buddy.”
Another clever humblebrag is to over promote yourself in the celebrity pantheon: 

 This can backfire, of course. What happened when they discovered weren't Mr Bieber, Adam?

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