What is the shortest complete sentence in English?

There are two main candidates for the shortest sentence in the English language: 
  1. 'Go!' 
  2. 'I am'.

Why 'Go!'?

My vote is for 'Go!' because it has:
  • an active verb
  • an implied subject 
  • a clear meaning. 
I am only has meaning when used as an answer to a question: Who is going to the Moon this morning? I am. In any case, two words beats three!

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  1. Isn t ----- "I exist." ----- the shortest valid sentence.

    It makes total sense, because "I" is the most concrete term in a dictionary & "existence" is the most abstract term in a dictionary...

  2. Would ¨i¨ work It has a subject and verb?????????????????????????

    1. No, I is only a noun. It doesn't act as a verb.


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