Which countries do not have an official language?

According to Henry Hitchings Language Wars (2011) these nations do not currently have an official primary language:
  • UK see here
  • USA though 20 states now have an official language — see here
  • Australia Over 80% speak English but there is no official national language.
  • Pakistan Urdu became official language in 2015 but  only spoken by 8% of population.
  • Ethiopia Amharic is official language but most spoken is Oromo
  • Somalia
  • Eritrea 
  • Costa Rica

Why these countries?
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  1. Thanks for sharing the article. I love this information. English Language, English has, of course, become the world's second language. So the appearance of the two giants of Anglosphere: the UK and the USA on the list may seem puzzling. I agree with this info. English achieved a natural preeminence without the need for any paperwork to support this role.

  2. You forgot to mention Australia & New Zealand. They both have the same situation as the UK and the US.

    1. You are quite right about Australia - will add to main post with a credit. New Zealand is different - despite English dominating and the country being more monolingual than Australia many respects the official languages are Māori and New Zealand Sign Language.

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    3. This article is wonderful thank you :)

  3. English shouldn't have to be a country's official language, since it is just used for communication.


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