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25 most looked-up words in the dictionary?

According to Merriam-Webster, the standard dictionary for American English, this is the All-Time Top Twenty:

  1. pragmatic
  2. disposition
  3. comradery
  4. holistic
  5. bigot
  6. paradigm
  7. integrity
  8. irony
  9. didactic
  10. opportunity
  11. pedantic
  12. esoteric
  13. socialism
  14. fascism
  15. ubiquitous
  16. empathy
  17. caveat
  18. democracy
  19. diversity
  20. insidious
Interestingly, the list for the last seven days looks quirkier ('to' is the most looked-up word?) and less political: no 'socialism', 'comradery' 'socialism' or 'fascism.


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