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What is vlogging? And a haul?

Vloggers (or YouTubers as they popularly known) broadcast regular short videos on YouTube channels .     Anyone can set up a free channel - the trick is then to attract subscribers who regularly watch your broadcasts. What is the appeal of vlogging? Fame and fortune without leaving your house for the most successful.  The most popular YouTubers have pop-star status amongst their fans. They are often known by their user names - PewDiePie, for example. These, of course, are the lottery winners of the vlogging world. For most the appeal can be described in two words: free fun.  What do YouTubers talk about? Themselves, mainly. The appeal of the most popular YouTubers is that of an intimate friend who shares your interests and concerns.  One popular topic is  hauls  (what I bought today) - here is an example.   Other staples include:  How-to-make/do tutorials Challenges  (often involving food tasting - see above) Pets Pranks  (elaborate practical jokes). The be