What is the Rorschach test?

Hermann Rorschach (1884–1922) invented the 'ink blot' personality test. It uses 10 standard black or coloured inkblot designs to assess personality traits and emotional tendencies.

This diagnostic tool was initially intended to provide insight into the mental processes involved with what was broadly termed schizophrenia. Rorschach, who died soon after completing his research paper Psychodiagnostik (1921) had cautioned that ‘that the test is primarily an aid to clinical diagnosis’.

From the 1940s, the Rorschach was adapted for use in occupational assessment and other areas of social science. 

In contemporary English, the term Rorschach Test is often used metaphorically to describe what psychologists call projective assessment. Put simply, how you see something depends on your 'priors' or pre-existing assumptions.

Who was Hermann Rorschach?