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Where does the word sandwich come from?

The 4th Earl of Sandwich  (1718--92) loved gambling. When he was playing cards he hated to leave the gaming table for meals. So he asked for a steak between two slices of bread.
Ironically, eating sandwiches at your desk now symbolises dedication to work. And most casinos do not allow you to eat snacks when seated at their gaming tables.

Alt meanings: You can sandwich something between two halves of anything. A Victorian Sandwich, for example, is a sponge cake filled with cream and jam.

Other languages:  The word 'sandwich' is used in many languages  in a more way precise way than it is in English. In Spanish, for example, un sandwich uses thin white sliced bread as in the sandwich mixto right.  


  1. Eating sandwich while playing poker would be a good inclusion. I wonder why would the gaming managers prohibit this. If you are at present hungry but getting great poker tips from the pros, why not shoot two birds with one stone, right?


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