What is Globish?

Globish  in British

( Ɡləʊbɪʃ  )
simplified version of English used by non-native speakers, consisting of the most common words and phrases only
Globish is a term invented by a French business man, Jean-Paul Nerriere, to describe the subset of English used in communication between non-native speakers.


  1. Interesting post.

    I'm curious--- what's your two cents on Globish being an English teacher ? Something about Globish seems condescending to me. I tend to use "international english".

    Cheers, Brad

  2. An interesting question. If English is now the international language why does the British Government now employ Esperanto translators ?

    See http://services.parliament.uk/hansard/Commons/ByDate/20110316/writtenanswers/part018.html

    Also check out http://www.lernu.net


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