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Kieran McGovern writes graded reading materials for English language learners. These include original stories like Love by Design (Macmillan Readers) and simplified versions of classics including Washington Square by Henry James & Oscar Wilde's The Picture Of Dorian Gray. He has written for most of the major publishers in the field including Oxford University Press (OUP), OUP (Hong Kong), Longman, Macmillan and Penguin. You can see a partial list of his books here

Three of his titles are singled out for their ‘particular excellence’ in Bamford & Day’s Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom (CUP) where he is described as being  ‘amongst the best writers of language learner materials in English’. 

Kieran also writes regular articles and reviews for magazines and journals including Ming Pao Daily, Seven Days and IATEFL VoicesHe has been a regular guest blogger for the BBC World Service Learning English Blog.

He also writes for the Macmillan Dictionary Blog & the OUP ELT Global BlogHe currently teaches in Bath, UK and edits ESOL Extras

His 'guilty pleasure' is spending far too much time on a passion that has endured since he was fourteen - The Beatles. He is now trying to put all those hours to good use with a new blog Beatles FAQ

You can follow him on Twitter @eslreading 

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