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What is iconoclasm?


What is a flipped classroom?

The flipped classroom is based on a simple idea. Does it work?

What is Moore's law?

In 1965  Gordon Moore, co-founder of  Intel ,  observed that the number of  transistors  per square inch on  integrated circuits   had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. Moore predicted that this trend would continue for the foreseeable future source Computers are getting faster and (relatively) cheaper with each passing year. The phones we carry in our pockets are far more powerful than the ones that sent the Apollo astronauts to the Moon.  Moore has suggested that his law will not continue indefinitely - suggesting  2025 as a possible end date. Others have speculated about what might replace it .  This BBC radio documentary is a useful introduction to the theme. Download The English Language Teaching Pack  for only £1.99

What is nepotism?

—   nep · o · tis · tic   \ ˌ ne-pə- ˈ tis-tik\   adjective

What does it mean to sound off?

Herman Cain sounds off on race, a debate win, and the need to simplify government To sound off is to express an opinion with passion and force.

Word for admirer of American culture?

America is a vast conspiracy to make you happy. – John Updike There does not seem to be an agreed term for us admirers of American culture