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How did The Bible change the English language?

The King James Bible is perhaps the most influential book in the development of the the English language. More on the King James Bible here Worksheets are included in:  English Language Teaching Pack   -  only £1.99 

What is 'nudge' theory?

'Nudge theory' comes from Richard Thaler/Carl Sustein book  Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness .  It is based on the idea that we are inherently lazy and tend to take the default option in most circumstances. The 'nudge' is to gently push us in the right direction for our benefit or the general good. One example would be making automatic kidney donation the default - you would need to carry an 'opt-out' card. The central question, however, is who is doing the nudging? The government? If so, do you trust them to look after your best interests? Interesting discussion of the issues in this BBC Radio show Analysis .