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What is the subjunctive?

Not a tense but a mood -  the subjunctive is one of the most complex grammatical forms. It is used to describe a wish or suggestion.

If I were a rich man(but I am not) I would ....

The subjunctive is used with modal verbs (could, should etc). Some of the rules around it vary but the key one is that it takes the infinitive without 'to' in the present tense e.g You should be okay.

For a very detailed usage and exercises go here

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Where does the word tycoon come from?

The word tycoon is derived from the Japanese word taikun (大君?), which means "great lord,". Tycoon entered the English language in 1857 with the return of Commodore Perry to the United States. Perry, a US sea captain,  played an important role in the 'opening up' of Japan to the West. U.S. The term spread to the business community, where it has been used ever since. Source 

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