The word for someone who admires American culture?

There does not seem to be an agreed term as you can see from the number of Google references here:

yankophile 945
americanophile 716
americophile 233
americaphile 150
usaphile 14
usphile 1

Contrast this with the situation for lovers of French, English, Chinese or Japanese culture
anglophile 102,000, francophile 84,700, japanophile 20,400, sinophile 3450
Why is this? Snobbery, perhaps - a 'new' culture looked down on by traditional ones? Or is it just linguistically awkward - americaphile really isn't a pretty word.

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    1. I always feel uneasy with 'yank', though from the comments on this page: it would seem that most Americans are not offended by the term . Of course it is also historically specific and was initially an insult directed against northerners in the American Civil War. I guess it depends on the spirit in which it is used.


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