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Where does the word shampoo come from?

What is a portmanteu word?

What is the shortest complete sentence in English?

There are two main candidates for the shortest sentence in the English language:

What is kabuki theatre? How is this term used in politics?

Kabuki theatre is classical Japanese dance-drama, with very stylised action, masks and heavy make-up. It dates back to the early 17th century. As in the original Shakespeare productions, all the actors are men.

Why does the USA not have an official language?

58 countries have English as an official language - but not the USA. 

Why did James Joyce write in English?

For two centuries English has been the majority language in Ireland.

Irish English: What is cat melodeon?

Cat (a): dreadful, no good, awful, very bad. Or for a more emphatic version, Cat melodeon (Sounds like 'melojen')

Irish English: What is a gossoon?

gossoon Irish a boy [C17:fromOldFrenchgarar├žon]